SALEM'S 150TH ANNIVERSARY - Together We are One

Salem and Strombeck will celebrate July 22 - 23, 2023!

Weekend Schedule  (a full schedule can be downloaded below)

July 22

  • 10 AM - doors are open at Salem. 
  • Noon - bus arrives at Salem. 
  • Bus leaves for Strombeck at 12:15.  If needed, a second bus will leave at 12:40.
  • 1 PM - Service at Strombeck.  Several former pastors will participate.
  • Chippewa City (home of the 5th Street Salem) will be open until 5:30.

July 23

  • 9:30 AM - Service at Salem with Bishop Dee Pederson, SW MN Synod, ELCA, preaching.  Several former pastors will participate in the service.
  • Brunch after Sunday service (please RSVP by June 20).
  • Chippewa City will be open until 5 PM

Before and After Services Each Day

  • View History Displays
  • Purchase Ornaments, Cook Books, Tickets to Chippewa City
  • Pick up a copy of the history booklet

Attention All Singers!  Can you imagine the joyful noise a mass choir can make?  Well, you have your chance to be a part of one!  The choir anthem on July 23 will be a familiar hymn #848 – “Give To Our God Immortal Praise”.  Everyone is welcome to join us - including kids!   There will be no practice – just come up in front when our choir director (Kim Osman) makes the announcement.  Let’s fill the front of the church with singers!

Coming soon!

We will be selling cookbooks soon.

Looking for a copy of one of Salem's old cookbooks?  You'll find copies in the Downloads section at the bottom of this page.

Christmas Ornaments

Coming in March!  You can find a picture of them at the bottom of the page.  Cost will be $5 each.


150th Anniversary Committee Members

Questions/comments?  Contact one of our committee members:

  • Ardy Spray
  • Colleen Kahler
  • Diane Ellingboe
  • Diane Schulte
  • Jackie Lindvall, chair
  • Kathy Leindecker
  • Robin Schwaegerl
  • Stephanie Schultz
  • Sue Luebke


  • Colleen Kahler
  • Kim Osman


  • Carmen Mills

Salem/Strombeck Through The Years

Changing and growing!

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Commissioned Ukrainian Egg

In Honor of SLC 150th Anniversary

This Ukrainian Egg is to commemorate the 150th Anniversary of Salem Lutheran Church (1873-2023). The Pysanky was crafted by Cathy Swennes-Pregler.

Significance of the colors

White (purity); Orange (power of endurance); Yellow (light); Red (happiness/passion); Green (innocence); Brown (earth); Blue (sky/good health); Purple (faith/trust); Black (eternity/darkest time before the dawn)

Significance of symbols 

Star (God's love toward humans/success); Triangle (The Holy Trinity/Holy Family); Diamond (knowledge); Hen (fertility/fulfilled wishes); Net (Christ fishing for folks); Dots (stars in the sky/Mary's tears); Lines (eternal life); Flowers (charity); Cross (resurrection); Ladder (prayers/stairway to heaven); Plants (new growth); Sun (life force); Water (wealth); Saw Teeth (life-giving heat)

Fun Facts

The newletters and bulletins will soon include a section called "Did you know?" which will list some interesting facts about Strombeck and Salem.

We Need Addresses!

Do you know someone who would like to be included in the celebration?  Email their address to or contact one of the committee members.