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News from the Strombeck/Salem 150th Anniversary Committee

The committee held its first meeting on August 23.  It was decided to hold the 150th anniversary celebration the weekend of July 22 – 23, 2023.

Several ideas were discussed – cookbook, tours of Strombeck, a meal after the Sunday service, and making a quilt in celebration of the anniversary.  We are looking for more ideas and volunteers to help with the planning.  Our next meeting will be on Sept 13 at 2 PM at the church.  If you can’t make it and either have some ideas you’d like to share or would like to be involved in some way, please contact Jackie Lindvall (cell: 320-226-0924, email: or any of the current committee members (Kathy Leindecker, Diane Ellingboe, Sue Luebke, Colleen Kahler,  Diane Schulte).

We have also set up a special e-mail account ( to send out updates on the planning and to gather email addresses of everyone who is interested in attending the celebration.  If you know of someone who would be interested in attending the event, please send an email to this address.

Kathy Leindecker shared a VHS tape of the 125th anniversary celebration at Strombeck and Pastor Matt converted it to a DVD.  Does anyone remember if there was a tape made of the Sunday service?  If so, contact Jackie Lindvall (320-226-0924).  We would love to get a copy of it on DVD!

A ‘cool’ thing I learned when watching the tape was that the air conditioner was energized the day before so the first service in Salem with AC was the 125th anniversary!