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Greetings!   I am looking forward to what will be Salem’s first large public event since winter of 2020 – the Annual Ice Cream Social! I would like to thank those who were involved in the planning and facilitation for this to happen.

On Wednesday of this week I went downtown to talk to Armando at JC Discount store to have him double check our poster and menu translated into Spanish. Then, I printed him a poster with a menu in Spanish as well as some that were flyer size to hand out to Spanish speaking customers. 

It’s easy to assume that an Ice Cream Social is something with which everyone in our community identifies. "Ice Cream Social" might make sense in English, but in Spanish it comes out to something like "Social Meeting of Ice Cream", and looks a little silly. I believe that it is so important that more signage in our community be in Spanish, especially for public events, even if it doesn't quite translate the same. The important part is the communication of the message in a familiar way, even if it's not a language issue for some. It sends a message that it matters to us that you feel welcome when a public event takes place at this church

As followers of Jesus we can always do more to help foster community as a whole. We may not even consider ourselves in the role of  'welcomer' at something like the Ice Cream Social, but we can be. The little things like the greetings and the smiles matter, and are something through which the Holy Spirit can work.

Once again, I am excited for this event and the opportunity we have to help Montevideo to be a welcoming community for all.