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I would like to thank Salem member Jackie Lindvall for helping us to launch a new website! This was in the works already before the COVID-19 outbreak, but we fast-tracked it about a week ago. This website will help us to stay connected during this unusual time, and continue to serve our ministry into the future.  

One of the biggest advances that I would like to point out is that you can now subscribe to a weekly eNewsletter that will replace our monthly newsletter. This will provide more up to date announcements, worship service links, and general information that you need to know. The number of mailed out newsletters is small enough that we can continue to do that for those who do not use the internet.

Be sure to join us for worship online Sundays at 10:00AM. You can find the links to those services here on the site!

Thanks be to God for this opportunity to be able to stay connected and continue to be Salem Lutheran Church together.