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In March 2020, we were a couple of weeks into the season of Lent when we entered a sort of wilderness known as the Covid 19 pandemic. Now in 2022, we begin the season of Lent with the wilderness of war, with the reckless attack of Ukraine by the government of Russia.

“Wilderness” meets in many ways in life, both personally and as a society. Lent as a season of the church is a time when we can rediscover how our Lord and Savior Jesus meets us within the wilderness.

Jesus can meet others in the wilderness through us as well when we together support an organization like ELCA World Hunger. This year we will return to ELCA World Hunger’s 40 Days of Giving, a resource that we used in 2020 through which Salem raised over $1000 for this cause. The Salem Council has again approved a $1000 fundraising goal for us to work toward in donations to ELCA World Hunger.

Each Wednesday, March 9 through April 6, our 6:30 p.m. worship time will be in the form of a study using the 2022 40 Days of Giving Study booklet A Way in the Wilderness. Each week the study will review a scripture passage from the previous Sunday and tie it in with a story about ELCA World Hunger. There are also reflection questions for discussion, as well as a prayer and a hymn. 

40 Days of Giving Lent 2022 booklets will be available to take home for those who wish. There should also be a calendar available – I ordered these but they have not yet arrived. Donations by check should be made out to Salem Lutheran Church with “ELCA World Hunger” in the memo. Donations can also be made through under the category created for this purpose.

Let’s work together to learn more about ELCA World Hunger and also try to meet our $1000 goal during Lent.


Ash Wednesday 6:30pm (March 2)
•    Imposition of Ashes
•    Holy Communion
Wednesdays in Lent 6:30pm
•    Wednesday Themes (from 40 Days of Giving)
March 9/Week One    Journey in the Wilderness
March 16/Week Two    Wandering in the Wilderness
March 23/Week Three    Vulnerable in the Wilderness
March 30/Week Four     Transformed in the Wilderness
April 6/Week Five        A Way in the Wilderness 
•    No meals beforehand, worship will be in the sanctuary each week.
•    Worship will be done by 7:00 p.m. so confirmation classes can begin on time.