The Downloads section contains a brochure about the Fund and a grant application form.


The Endowment Fund's Story:
The Salem Lutheran Church Endowment Fund has its origin in a bequest from a member of our congregation. Since receiving that first bequest, the fund has grown with additional gifts and bequests. When the SLC Endowment receives gifts from donors, the funds are invested with one of two ELCA financial ministries - either the ELCA Mission Investment Fund or the ELCA Mission Endowment Fund. It is the intent of the SLC Endowment Committee that the principal of these gifts remain invested and that investment income be the source of funds made available to grant in response to important needs and ministry opportunities.  SLC Endowment investment income has been disbursed to encourage youth to attend Green Lake Lutheran Ministries Bible Camp, to assist the Spirit of Joy congregation in establishing and building in Arizona, to partner in Salem's kitchen remodeling project, and to fund scholarships. As much as we encourage you to give to the SLC Endowment Fund, we also encourage you to apply for a grant.

‚ÄčThe Salem Lutheran Church Endowment Fund operates with a three-member committee in accordance with a resolution and bylaws adopted by the congregation at the Salem Lutheran Church 2014 annual meeting. If you have questions about how to leave a gift to the SLC Endowment Fund, please contact one of the committee members or Pr. Matt. The generosity of any individual has the potential to make a significant impact on the on-going story of the SLC Endowment - a legacy story we invite you to embrace.

Grant Application Instructions:

Select the grant form file from the Downloads section. If you want to fill out a digital form to e-mail to us, please select the download arrow icon at the top right of the page and save the form to your computer. To print a paper copy to fill out and mail in, please select the printer icon at the top right of the page and follow the on-screen print instructions (scroll down for mailing address).

Digital form instructions:

After you download the form to your computer, open it with Adobe Reader or Acrobat software so you may place an electronic signature at the end. To place your electronic signature, go to: View> Tools> Sign & Certify> Sign Document or Place Signature. Then, follow the on-screen instructions. (If you have never signed a document like this, you will likely see a box titled "Add Digital ID." Select "A new digital ID I want to create now" and follow the on-screen instructions). Once your digital signature is placed, save the document again and e-mail it as an attachment to: If you do not have software to electronically sign, you may still fill out a digital form and print a paper copy to sign before mailing to us.

‚ÄčOur mailing address is:
Salem Lutheran Church, Attn: Endowment Committee
631 N. 7th St. Montevideo, MN 56265